Father’s Day Crafts For All Types Of Dads

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 20th!  While the best gift you can give Dad is your love, a thoughtful handmade gift definitely comes in as a close second. Here are five fun gift ideas for different types of dads that will make him smile (and make him proud of your DIY skills!).

Music Lover

For the music-loving dad, there’s no better gift than a personalized record label. Follow the steps below to create a gift that lets him know he rocks (pun definitely intended) sign of the horns

Father's Day Gift - DIY Record Label


1. Use Web Image and search for “Record Label PNG”

2. Personalize with a fun title

3. You’ve got yourself a DIY record!

Proud Poppa

For the sentimental dads out there, a Daddy/Daughter collage featuring your favorite photo of the two of you is sure to be a hit. Our “Scrabble Letters” stickers give it that handmade feel and decorative stickers add a pop of color. Once you’re done, print it out and frame it so dad can hang it somewhere special.

Father's Day Gift - DIY Photo Frame Scrabble Letters
The Jokester 

For the dad who’s always cracking jokes, give it right back to him this Father’s Day face with tears of joy Make a collage that will make him laugh and then use a third-party service to have it printed on a mug that he can use every morning.

Father's Day Gift - Personalized Dad Joke Mug
Sports Dad

For the sports-obsessed dads out there, make a DIY gift tag to accompany your gift. Maybe you’re getting him tickets to the big game or a new baseball bat, but want to add a personal touch. Use our “All Star Dad” sticker pack to create a fun gift tag just for him. Don’t forget to write a sweet note on the back!

Father's Day Gift - Personalized Gift Tag
Father's Day Gift - Personalized Gift Tag
Father's Day Gift - Personalized Gift Tag
The Handyman/Handy Dad

Speaking of personalized touch, digital cards are also a great option for Father’s Day. Add personalized notes, photos, or even videos of your favorite moment with dad. For the handy dads out there, check out our I red heart Dad Template and create a card that lets him know how much you appreciate his ability to fix anything (and his love and support, of course!).  

Father's Day Gift - Personalized Card


  1. Save ‘I red heart Dad’ template
  2. Select + save a solid color background
  3. Insert both saved images to canvas
  4. Use the Shape Cutout tool to create a blank space to write your note
  5. Insert personalized note
  6. Voila!

For more inspiration, head over to the app to check out all of our new Father’s Day cards, stickers, and backgrounds. Don’t forget to tag us at @piccollage and use #mypiccollage!

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