4 Easy-To-Make Easter Cards

Making a fun Easter card is a great way to get in the Spring spirit and get ready to celebrate the holiday. You can find all the tools you need in PicCollage to create the perfect card from beautiful templates to fun backgrounds to spring stickers. Here are 4 easy-to-make Easter cards that you can create in under 5 minutes.

Be An Easter Bunny 

The Easter Bunny is one of the holiday’s most enduring symbols – in fact, the earliest evidence of the Easter Bunny we think of today dates back to the 1600s, when “Oschter Haws” – or the Easter Hare – was first mentioned in German writings! Today it’s easy to turn yourself or your little ones into the Easter Bunny in just a few taps. We’ve got these sweet bunny templates available in “Easter” template category, so hop to it and give them a try!

DIY Easter Card Bunny Ears
DIY Easter Card Bunny Ears

Egg-citing Virtual Easter Party

If you’re hosting a virtual Easter celebration this year, one way to get people excited is with a fun invite! Whether you’re building off one of our pre-made templates or starting with a blank slate, it’s easy to create a bright, eye-catching card using all of the Easter Content in PicCollage. Be sure to add the date and time and follow up with a Zoom link!

DIY Easter Party Invitations
Background made from a VIP Freestyle Easter template card. 
DIY Easter Party Invitation
Background: Pastel Watercolor
Stickers: “Hoppy Easter” and “Watercolor Easter”

DIY Easter Egg Finding Riddles

There are few things more exciting to kids than waking up on Easter morning and going on an Easter egg hunt. Use PicCollage to make fun clues to point them in the right direction and make the search more interactive!

DIY Easter Egg Finding Riddles
Background: Earthy Textures
Stickers: “Easter Surprise”
Font: Bebas Neue
DIY Easter Egg Finding Riddles
Background: Basketweave
Stickers: “Cutie Easter” and “Watercolor Easter”
Font: Olive Script

Send Easter Greetings

Personalize your Easter greeting with your favorite family portrait. Just add it to one of our many templates and send if off to family and friends! 

If you’re looking for a fun activity for kids, have them create a Freestyle card, adding Easter backgrounds and stickers and finishing it off with a personal note. To learn how to get the fun curvy text effect seen below, align each letter one-by-one. See our tutorial.

Bonus: We’ve added lots of faith-related templates this year as well dove

DIY Easter Card with PicCollage
Freestyle card with egg patterns from “Pastel Easter Eggs” background pack 
DIY Easter Card with PicCollage
VIP Template in “Easter” category 
DIY Easter Card with PicCollage
FREE Template paired with “Easter Accessories” stickers! We also added a personal note “from a safe distance” with our “Olive Script” font. 

We hope you have a wonderful Easter! Don’t forget to share your creations using #mypiccolage and tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 

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