5 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day

We red heart Puppies! National Puppy Day is March 23rd. Although we like to celebrate puppies year-round, we wanted to share a few fun ways to honor your fur babies with PicCollage for this official chance to show them off.  If you’re a dog person, this is your chance! And let’s be honest, 90% of your camera roll is probably puppy pics, so you’ve got a lot to work with.  
(Warning: This post contains dangerously cute corgi content.)

Celebrate Adopted Pups

Not everyone gets their dogs when they’re puppies. However, those who choose to “adopt not shop” can still celebrate their “puppies” on National Puppy Day. Aren’t ALL dogs puppies anyway? We recommend showing off the day you adopted them in the collage to mark how long you have been a family. For this collage, we chose a photo to serve as the focal point and then supplemented it with stickers. We finished the collage by adding personalized text over the sticky note.

Stickers: “Dog Person” and “Classroom Essentials”

Take A Look Back

It’s pretty fun to look back at pictures of your fur baby from when you first got them to see how they’ve grown and changed. Make a cute “Then vs. Now” collage to highlight the difference! For both of these collages, we used our “Puppy Love” backgrounds. We made sure to add borders to the photos to create a frame and make the images pop.

Stickers: “Live Love Woof”
Stickers: “Dog Person”

Highlight Your Favorite Pic

If you have a FAVE pic of you and your puppy, but not much time to make a collage, we’ve got you covered. Take said picture and add it to a blank collage. Use Cutout to remove the background, then tap into the editor to add a border to your photo. Then, add a really big sticker to fill up the space (this one is from the “Live Love Woof” sticker pack) and you’re all set! rolling on the floor laughing

Make A“Best Fur Baby Award”

The Nobel Prize. The Pulitzer. The “Best Fur Baby Award.” Your dog is the best dog in the world. And like anyone at the very top of their field, they deserve some special recognition in the form of belly rubs and official documentation of their achievements. This collage is really two collages in one. Follow the steps below to get to this extra-special result! 

  • Create the film strip collage using this template from the “Minimalism” template category 
  • Save it to your camera roll
  • Start a freestyle collage 
  • Add your film strip as an image exploding head
  • Personalize your award

A Little Something Extra

We just couldn’t resist showing off one last template.  This one is very corgi-specific, but we did warn you at the beginning of the post!  If you love corgis (who doesn’t?), this VIP template is for you. Show your shorty you “loaf” them with this adorable VIP template. 

So, how excited are we for National Puppy Day? This excited!

Don’t forget to share your #PuppyDay creations with #mypiccollage or tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 

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