Easy DIY Birthday Card Inspiration

If you’re anything like us, you have a drawer or a folder filled with birthday cards you’ve received over the years that make you smile, laugh, or cry happy tears. Or maybe you pin them on your bedroom wall or keep them on your desk. Maybe you hang them on the fridge or display them on the mantle.  The point is, you keep them. Because a thoughtful birthday card is a gift and of itself.

Here we share our tips on making an amazing birthday card for anyone in your life.

From one friend to another:

When you’re making a card for a friend,  you can use it to share a sentimental message, an inside joke, or your favorite photo(s) of the two of you!  In PicCollage, you can make something simple and striking, or something with lots of intricate details. 

If you want to make something from scratch, we have tons (TONS) of birthday stickers and backgrounds to choose from. We also love adding multiple photos to our cards and using the Cutout Tool to highlight your favorite friendship moments. Pro tip: use the Cutout Tool and then outline your cutout using the Doodle Tool to really make it pop, like the photo outlined in white above!

From kids to parents

Making a card for a parent can be tough. How can you express all they mean to you? We suggest keeping it simple.

Choose a bold template and add your favorite photo of mom or dad. Put them in the spotlight – they deserve it! Another option is to choose a neutral background and a photo you love. Then add some cute stickers and personalize it with a sweet note. Trust us, mom will love it.

From grandkids to grandparents

A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend. They also LOVE getting cards from their grandkids. 

Take a photo of you with grandma or grandpa, and get creative! With your photo front and center, add a few fun stickers that will make them smile. Then personalize it with a simple note, print, and send!

From grandparents to grandchildren

For a fun and easy-to-make card for a grandchild, we’ve created an entire collection of templates just for kids’ birthdays. 

Simply scroll through the options and choose your favorite photo to add to your card. You can either print it out and add a handwritten note to the back or you can email it. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to treasure it!

From a fur parent to their baby

Pet parents, you know the urge to make a card for your fur baby is real. And we’re here for you.

To make the perfect card, you can choose from tons of pet content packs available on the app (yes, we really do have “Birthday Kittens” stickers). The hardest part or making your card? Choosing the photo(s) you want to feature. Yes, we know you have thousands of pictures of your pet on your camera roll. Yes, we know it will take a long time to find just the right one. It will be worth it. We believe in you. 
And if you can’t choose just one, pick a template with multiple photo slots so you can show all sides of your fur baby’s personality. We have lots of birthday templates – including pet-themed ones! – that will show them in all their glory.

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