Fast-and-Easy iOS 14 Home Screen Aesthetic Ideas

The recent iOS 14 update craze has gotten everyone into customizing their home screen. For those of us who are less tech savvy, we feel you. Finding the right aesthetics on top of learning the steps to customize your new home screen layout can be a little tricky. Luckily, PicCollage has tons of stickers and backgrounds that will make sure your new iOS 14 home screen has just the right feel!

With over 5,000 stickers and 3,000 backgrounds in the app, the possibility of customizing your home screen is endless. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite sticker and background combinations that can get you started!

1. Fall Breeze and Autumn Leaves
iOS 14 Fall Theme Home Screen
  • Stickers: Artsy Fall, Everything Fall, and Forest Handbook
  • Background: Harvest Chalk
2. Spooky Halloween
iOS 14 Spooky Halloween Theme Home Screen
  • Stickers: Halloween Cutouts
  • Background: Spooky Halloween Backgrounds
3. All Things Pink
iOS 14 Everything Pink Theme Home Screen
  • Stickers: Good Vibes
  • Background: Kaleidoscope Waves
4. Neon Party
iOS 14 Neon Light Theme Home Screen
  • Stickers: Light Party and Light It Up
  • Background: Marble Galaxy
5. Minimal Aesthetic
iOS 14 Minimal Aesthetic Theme Home Screen
  • Stickers: A Fine Autumn
  • Background: Speckled Egg
6. Just Paw-fect
iOS 14 Pet Lover Theme Home Screen
  • Stickers: Dog Days of Summer and Pawfect Friends
  • Background: Bundle of Joy

Feeling inspired? Start the fun by heading over to the app! Don’t forget to share your creations with us via #mypiccollage or tag us on Instagram, we look forward to seeing your creations!

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