New Text Color Options You Don’t Want To Miss

Happy Fall, Y’all! We’re back with a new feature on the app that will make your collages more memorable than ever! The new adjustable text color options will enhance your creativity like never before. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities these new color options will bring (especially with the holiday season approaching)!

Let’s dive into how the new text color options on PicCollage can make your collages stand out even more!

Add Contrasting Shadows To Your Texts

Give your text a little creativity boost with multiple shadows. To achieve this look, first duplicate your text, then select a contrasting color, next layer it behind the first text. With the new color options menu, you can tap on any existing colors to customize your own unique color!

To get to the “Adjust Color” menu, tap on the color you’d like to adjust and the menu will pop up immediately!

New Text Background Color Option

The text background color option comes in handy when you want to add words on top of a patterned background. A background can help your text stand out and highlight some of your favorite colors in the collage. Our infinite text background color can now bring you more possibilities to make your text stand out

Check out this fun background from our “Tasty” pack for colorful inspiration!
Try adjusting the Saturation and Brightness on one color to achieve this monochrome look!

Gradient Texts

This playful text color technique is perfect for any creation: party invites, holiday greeting cards, quotes, and more! We love how this hack gives a kick to the text on a plain background.

See the trick in action here:

We can’t wait to see you try these fun text tips! Share your creations with us via #mypiccollage or tag us on Instagram. We look forward to seeing all your creations!

2 thoughts

  1. When are we getting the option to delete stickers and backgrounds that we don’t want anymore so we don’t have to endlessly scroll through all of our packs looking for the one we want to use? And when can we put our stickers and backgrounds in order that we want to keep them in so we can have themes of them together? Like all birthday stickers or all Christmas stickers, instead of the randomness of when we bought them. These are simple housekeeping issues that we should have had ages ago! In other words…we should be able to edit our sticker packs and background packs! Especially elite members!

    1. Hi Lori, thank you for your feedback. We totally agree and the team is aware of this problem. Thank you for helping us make PicCollage better!

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