How To Create Inspiring Art Projects on Your iPad!

With just a blink of an eye, we are now nine months into the year 2020. Staying motivated until the end of the year is just as important as those new years resolutions (that might totally seem irrelevant now). We’ve put together some inspirations to help you head into this fall season without falling behind (no pun intended here). Grab an iPad, a warm cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

Here are some ways that are helping us finish 2020 strong here at PicCollage!

Vision Boards

We’ve been so into vision boards lately. Not only is it super easy to make on the app, but the new iPad landscape mode also makes the full-screen editing experience much more satisfying! A fun activity that helps you stay motivated and productive at the same time? Count us in!

The extra room from using iPad landscape mode makes it so much more fun to collage!
Check out the fun combo of “Scrapbook Essentials”, “Colorful Cut Outs” and “Cut-out-luv”
sticker packs!

Mood Boards

You can travel anywhere with mood boards. Even though the rest of the world might not permit it at the moment, with digital collages you can literally be anywhere your heart desires. Winter escape plan got canceled? Try making yourself a beach trip mood board! Not only is it soothing to let your imagination roam free, but it’s also the perfect way to let yourself slow down and unwind.

Amp up your fall game with these fun stickers and backgrounds currently live on our app! We handpicked them just for you to make sure that you are ready for this fall!

Daily Words of Affirmations

This year has also given us the chance to be grateful for how much we can still connect with loved ones digitally. Why not make these little daily affirmations to motivate yourself and spread positivity to the people around you? It will definitely put a smile on those around you!

The “Brave” sticker pack, will give you tons of idea about positive boost!

Feeling motivated? Share your creations with us via #mypiccollage or tag us on Instagram. We can’t wait to see the fun things you make! 

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