3 Creative Back-to-School Ideas To Keep Kids Motivated

It’s almost September and the 2020 burnout is real. This year brings new meaning to so many life events, and back-to-school is no exception. We know that it can be daunting to be juggling uncertainties about where your kids should be learning and keeping them excited when their routine looks so different. We’d like to share some ways to re-inspire those fun and exciting feelings that the usual back-to-school season brings! 

Here are some easy and creative ways to make going to school lively during this new normal! (Note: Teachers if you’re reading this, be sure to check out Back to Learning Resources for more ways to incorporate PicCollage into your classes!)

Notebook Covers

Make a notebook cover to excite your kids this back-to-learning season with over 5,000+ fun stickers available in our app. Assembling their notebook is a great way to help kids feel prepared and mentally acknowledge that the school year is beginning. With our recent update on iPad, you can now enjoy this activity in landscape mode. The full screen editing experience will ensure extra fun bonding time with your kids!

Easy DIY notebook covers
There’s nothing more unique than a personalized notebook. For elegant floral backgrounds that reminds you of novelty stationery, try “Sent with Love” or “Floral Letters”!
DIY notebook cover ideas
Tip: Print out your collage on a sticker paper and paste it on to your notebook.

Reward Coupons

These learning coupons are the perfect incentives to keep your kids motivated during this new normal back-to-learning time! Breaking learning goals down into small achievements will help with focus and make things more exciting for kids who are learning from home. (Note: Some of our suggested prizes require some teacher and parent collaboration, but c’mon the kids are working hard!) Our 3,000+ backgrounds will ensure your coupons are remarkable.

Learning coupons for kids this back-to-school season!
Try using our 16:9 layout ratio for the perfect coupon size. Print them out and reward the kids without breaking the bank!

“About Me” Collages

Spark the creativity in your kids by letting them create an art piece of what they aspire to be, then let me share it with their friends who might not be in the classroom with them! (Note: teachers, this would make a great classroom icebreaker activity!) Pick a theme, and let the kids’ imagination roam free while expressing who they are. 

Ideas for back-to-school activities
Protip: Add “png” (e.g. cake png) to any word you are searching for on Web Image to instantly get photos with transparent images.
Make a statement with the “Scrabble Letters” sticker pack, or showcase your kid’s passion with “Home Hobbies”.

We can’t wait for you to try these fun hacks. We definitely had a lot of fun making them, and are certain that you will too. Share your creations with us via #mypiccollage or tag us on Instagram, we look forward to seeing what you make!

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