Back To Learning Resources For The Classroom

Back to school season is officially here and this year is going to be unlike any other. With some schools going back to the classroom and others continuing to offer classes remotely, teachers have to stay on their toes to make sure they are providing the best education for their students in less than ideal circumstances. (Editor’s note: Teachers are heroes.)

Here are a few ways to use PicCollage creatively in the real or virtual classroom.

Classroom Announcements

If you’re back to teaching in the classroom, use PicCollage to create fun announcements to remind students to wash their hands. For this collage, we used the new “School Supplies” sticker pack (complete with hand sanitizer sticker) and the “My Classroom” background pack.

Creative Schedules

Create daily and weekly schedules using our variety of “Planner” templates. Help students to plan out their time and most important tasks creatively while documenting their accomplishments and highlights of each day. Students can also create collages to keep their class schedules straight, plan out their weeks, and remember assignment due dates.

Online Learning Stickers

This year, we’ve created lots of new content specifically related to online and distance learning. Use our “Back To School Online” sticker pack to make assignments more fun, create handouts, and use in grading.

How are you using PicCollage in the classroom this fall? We’d love to know what tips and tricks you’ve come up with for creating resources for online learning. And if you have ideas that you’d love to see in the app, reach out via Instagram and let us know! (Editor’s note: We feel the need to say it again. Teachers are heroes.)

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