5 Creative Summer Activities

We’re squarely in the middle of summer and chances are you may be in need of some fun, creative ideas to keep kids entertained. Never fear, we have some activities that incorporate outdoor time, exploration, and education to help little ones stay engaged this summer.

Make A Collage Of Your Backyard Camping Trip

Backyard camping is a wonderful family activity to try this summer. Pitch a tent behind your house and then enjoy some quality family time. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows, sip on hot cocoa, and make some all natural bug repellent using sage. And take plenty of pictures to commemorate your camping trip in a collage!

Learn About The Flora & Fauna In Your Area

Go on a hike in your neighborhood and keep an eye out for the most interesting flora and fauna. Take photos of what you come across and when you get home, do some research on what you found. Create a collage with your favorite photos and add the facts that you thought were most interesting!

Make A Collage For The Mail Carrier

Mail carriers have been working harder than ever during the Covid pandemic. Use PicCollage to create a sweet Thank You note that you can drop in the mailbox to surprise your mail carrier. (Bonus points if you make cookies or another sweet treat to accompany your collage!)

Go On A Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

Mindfulness can be an important tool in helping to reduce anxiety and increase happiness. Encouraging mindfulness from a young age is a great tool to teach kids. In this simple exercise, go on a “Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt” where you focus on what you see, hear, smell, and feel while out on a walk in your neighborhood or a local park. Once you get back home, have kids create a collage about the experience.

Make A Summer Activity Checklist

When you set goals, it’s important to write them down! To help kids stay on track with their goals, have them make a fun checklist of all the things they want to achieve this summer. They can check off each task as they go along to see how much they’ve accomplished. (We used one of our “Planner” templates for this colorful collage.)

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