New Premium Fonts!

👋 We’ve got something new to show you in the app! Three new premium fonts are now included in the PicCollage VIP subscription. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our new favorite additions — Lettering Delight, Goal Digger, and Sunkissed Script!

We’re pretty in love with the possibilities that these fonts unlock. For a little boost of creativity, we’re showing you how we apply these fonts to some of our favorite quotes. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Lettering Delight

This script font is specially designed for all lettering enthusiasts. Fun, quirky, hand-lettered — this font is perfect for invitations, cards, quotes, and more! We love that it helps give the effect of hand-letter calligraphy, without having to learn calligraphy!

Goal Digger

The Goal Digger font is rich in texture with a sweet, vintage twist. The hand-drawn vibe brings us right back to crayons, chalk, and childhood. It’s perfect for bold statements, titles, or fun reminders.

Sunkissed Script

This stylish script font is so versatile. Use it to give the effect of beautiful hand writing when sending a digital note or card for a realistic touch. The brushy texture adds life that will feel more organic than a cleaner font. It’s the perfect go-to for occasions that you want to keep personal but a little bit chic like greetings, motivational quotes or announcements!

Pro Tip: Level up your next creation by mixing and matching more than one of these fonts to create a whole new mood. ✨ Emphasizing one word with a contrasting font is a great way to experiment with font pairing. For this quote, we used both Goal Digger + Sunkissed Script fonts.

We can’t wait to see you try them in your new collages and cards! Use #mypiccollage to share your work with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured.

All fonts are designed by Maryam Kamal.

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