Fun Crafts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching on Sunday, June 21st – mark your calendar if you haven’t already! There are few things in life more meaningful than a gift that was hand made with love. This Father’s Day, forget the extravagant presents. Instead, make Dad something he’ll cherish almost as much as spending time with you. We put together a few fun crafts you can make using PicCollage.

Personalized Gift Tag

Is there anything better than being surprised with your favorite food and/or beverage? Not in our minds! This Father’s Day take Dad’s drink of choice and add a fun gift tag.

Here’s how you can create this yourself:

  • Open a new Freestyle collage and set the size to 5×7.
  • Use the Text tool to write your message to dad.
  • Choose a background for the text (we recommend something neutral here that make the words pop!)
  • Save this collage to your camera roll.
  • Open a second Freestyle collage and set the size to Wallpaper.
  • Add the photo of the message you just saved to your device.
  • Double tap the image and choose Cutout.
  • Choose a pre-designed cutout option for your message to dad.
  • Position the message in the bottom 2/3 of your collage, leaving extra room at the top.
  • Choose a fun, bold background.
  • Print your collage and use the extra space you’ve left at the top of the collage to hang the tag from dad’s favorite drink!

Not the DIY type? No worries, we made a template that you can use instead! Cut out the gold circle to hang the tag from a bottle.

You can also create a cute card to present alongside his favorite breakfast on Father’s Day morning. We’re patting ourselves on the back for this “I’m muffin without you” card. 😂 For this card we used the Web Search feature to find the muffin and the “Awesome Dad” sticker pack to add a fun pop.

Photo Souvenir

A framed photo of you and Dad is a great gift, but why not give it a bit of flair? For the collage below, we started with the “Plaid Patterns” background pack and then added some stars from the “Glitter Shapes” sticker pack. We then added this sweet photo and used the Cutout tool to remove the background.

Another option is to use PicCollage to create the background, print it out, and then add a physical photo to give your collage a bit more depth.

Pro Tip: see the drop shadow on the word “DAD”? To get the look yourself, duplicate each letter, change the color to black, and layer it underneath the original letter.

Poem For Dad

Brevity is the soul of wit. Tell Dad how much he means to you with a simple acrostic poem! For this collage, we used the “Alphabet Mashup” sticker pack to spell out “FATHER” and the “Marquee Letters” for “HERO.” Then we used the Text feature to complete the poem.

To complete the gift, choose a background that complements your poem. Print the poem and background separately and then glue the poem to the background and frame your creation!

Wrapping Paper

If you have a small gift for Dad that you need to wrap, why not make your own personalized wrapping paper? You can do this a few ways. If you just want something fun and colorful, you can simply find a PicCollage background you like, print it out, and wrap your gift.

For something a bit more personalized, you can create a collage featuring photos of your loved ones and print it out. (Warning: with this option, Dad might love the wrapping paper so much he doesn’t want to open the gift!)

What are you planning on gifting Dad with this year? Share your cards and creations with us by tagging us @piccollage or using #mypiccollage on Instagram and Twitter.

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