5 Creative Card Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2020 is all about getting creative. Now that so many of us are re-imagining how to celebrate moms during social distancing, we’ve got some ideas to help you up your card game! Listed below are 5 creative card ideas that you can make with PicCollage. They’re perfect if you’re skipping the store-bought cards and are looking to do something extra special this year for Mother’s Day.

1. Give Mom an Award

Moms deserve all kinds of awards. They deserve a medal for bringing us into this world, and for being our devoted parent / best friend as we grow up. In fact, they deserve the Lifetime Achievement Award for simply waking up every day ready to take on the world. Dig deep and you will most likely find a never-ending list of reasons. To create this card, whittle down your list to one unique characteristic of your mom that you’ve always found amazing. Perhaps she’s exceptionally skilled at knitting or cooking or fixing cars. Or maybe it’s her magical ability to always make you feel better when you need it most. Regardless of the reason, give her an award because she certainly deserves it. 

2. Create a “Recipe for Mom”

For some of us, the way to our hearts is Mom’s home-cooked meals. They’re delicious, filling, and most importantly, made with unconditional love. The way to Mom’s heart on the other hand might be a lot easier than cooking an entire meal from scratch. Simply create a “recipe” card that shows just how one-of-a-kind your mom is, and we guarantee that this card will stay in her heart (and recipe box) forever.

3. Make a DIY Typography Card

A DIY typography card is always a great opportunity to write down your lovely wishes for the mother figure in your life. You can choose to go the sentimental route, or tap into her humorous side with a funny Mother’s Day card. Regardless of the style you choose, keep it short and sweet for a card that will win every time. 

4. Create a Memory Board of Your Favorite Activity Together

This year, many of us will be celebrating the holiday at home. For this reason, most traditional bonding activities such as dining at your mom’s favorite local restaurant, heading to the spa for some much needed R&R, or preparing for a road trip may no longer apply. By creating a memory board however, you can still remind your mom of your favorite memories with her. Make a card filled with photos, digital cutouts and stickers of your most fun times. Let her know that some of the best memories you have were spent with her. 

5. Let Mom Know She’s a Superhero

Moms don’t go around wearing capes, shooting laser beams from their eyes, or teleporting from one place to another. But they’re the closest thing we have to real-life superheroes. They take matters into their own hands, and somehow, they always manage to save the day. This Mother’s Day, let her know that she is the strongest person you know, and that she is simply ‘super’. 

Don’t forget to tag @piccollage or #mypiccollage to show us your creations, and we wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mother-figures in our lives!

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