Using PicCollage While Social Distancing

Times are… weird. As we all adjust to changes in day-to-day life caused by Coronavirus, we at PicCollage have been working to create fun and helpful content in the app to help you stay connected and creative during this time. Check out our latest cards that help you share how you’re passing the time under quarantine!

But in addition to what we’re doing, we also love seeing what you’re doing in PicCollage these days. Our users include teachers, parents, small business owners, and students who are using the app SO creatively to keep in contact as we all practice social distancing. Here are just a few ways that people are using the app to keep learning, teaching, selling, and connecting.

Help parents get organized

One teacher used PicCollage to create a simple visual guide for all the items that her students would need for the following week, making it easy for parents to prepare as eLearning gets underway.

Create schedules for eLearners

Working and learning from home is a huge change for most people. Creating a schedule is an important part of staying on track. Creating it in PicCollage just makes it more fun.

Share PicCollage tips with students or other teachers

Teacher Anita Goodwin (@goodwinnovate) created this video showing a step-by-step guide to use the Doodle feature in PicCollage.

Keep Customers Up To Date

Small businesses in every community are finding ways to adapt. Many are using PicCollage to create beautiful announcements to keep their customers informed as things change each day. For this example, we used the “Butterfly Garden” background pack and then used the Web Image feature and searched for “white square” to create the background for the text. We used the Doodle feature to add the “xoxo” at the bottom for a bit of a personal touch.

(You can help out your favorite small businesses by sharing their announcements on social media when you see them!)

Announcing Online Classes

For people who teach at gyms or studios, the closing of these public spaces means that they have to get creative with how to keep teaching. We’ve seen lots of teachers start offering classes via Zoom or IGTV to help people stay active at home. Creating a PicCollage to share to your mailing list or social media channels is a great way to get the word out about upcoming classes. We used the “Yoga Love” sticker pack in the collage below.

Stay safe and stay creative! And be sure to tag us @piccollage on social media to show how you’re using the app during this challenging time.

Love, the PicCollage team

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