3 Adorable Ways to Celebrate “Dress Up Your Pet Day”

If there’s one thing that every pet owner knows, it’s that their pet is the cutest, sweetest, bestest pet that’s ever existed in history. It’s a fact. And since 95% of your camera roll is taken up with pictures of your fur baby, why not put them to use and make a fun pet portrait in PicCollage? Here we share some of our favorite tips and tricks to create a pawsitively precious collage.

Turn Your Pet Into a Superhero

This one is easy. Just start with a picture of your sweet little baby and use the cutout tool to crop their head.

Then go to the sticker store and search for the “Father’s Day MEGAAA Bundle” where you’ll find the Super Dad sticker. Add it to your collage and arrange your pet’s head to sit perfectly on top. (Pro tip: you can also use the web search tool to search for “superhero png” for some additional options.)

Once you’ve positioned it perfectly, you can choose a background and add some fun stickers. The ones we’ve chosen here are all from the “Father’s Day MEGAAA Bundle.”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Puppy!

Make A Pet-Themed Background

Now, say just one photo of your baby is not enough. Here’s how to make a background so you can gaze into each other’s eyes from your lock screen. First start with the photo you want to use and go to the cutout tool to crop out what you want to highlight. Here, we’ve chosen this sweet pup’s smooshy little face.

Once you’ve decided on the size you want, double tap the image and tap Duplicate. Repeat this process until you have the desired number of images to work with and begin to arrange them however you like.

Here, we’ve chosen to space them out evenly for a uniform look. Once you’ve gotten your arrangement just right you can add a background color if you feel so compelled. We’ve chosen pink because, duh.

But wait! If you want to combine your pattern with other photos, there are a few simple steps you need to take.

  1. Save your new background to your camera roll by tapping Done in the top right corner and then Save to Library. (So that you still have the original later)
  2. Go back to the PicCollage home page and tap Freestyle
  3. Tap Photos and choose the image you just saved.
  4. Once it has been added to your collage, double tap the photo and tap Set as Background.

Now you can add anything to your collage and move things around without worrying about changing your adorable new wallpaper! And this way you can use this background on any collage, not just the one you’re working on at this moment. Win-win.

Now all you have to do it print out your collage, buy a frame, and hang this masterpiece in a prominent location in your home.

Create A Fun Pet Portrait

Sometimes you want to let your pet’s natural beauty shine through and just add a few fun touches. For this style of collage, start by tapping Grids on the home page and choosing your favorite head shot of your pet.

Once you’ve gotten the placement just right, add some stickers. For this collage we gave our pup some stylish glasses from the “Love Fashion” sticker pack and added his name to the top using the “Collage Alphabet” sticker pack.

As a final step, we added a background to create some contrast. And voilà! A pet portrait (almost) as perfect as your fur baby.

Have you created an epic collage featuring your pet? We’d love to see it! Just share on social and be sure to tag us @piccollage or use #mypiccollage!

DISCLAIMER: All photos in this post happen to be dogs, but we love all pets equally. We would love to see you use this techniques on snaps of your cat, bunny, turtle, fish, you name it!

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