Easy Ways to Make a Holiday Card

We get it, this is a busy time of year. If you’re crafty and enjoy making cards for your loved ones, you could probably spend hours (maybe even days?) creating something special for everyone on your list. We know that just isn’t realistic for most people, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make something awesome, even if you only have a few minutes. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of PicCollage as you create your cards, regardless of how much time you’ve got.

2 Minutes

If you only have a few minutes, our templates offer the perfect way to create a professional looking card. We have tons of fun options for Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter.

Step 1: In the PicCollage app, tap Cards.

Step 2: Scroll through a variety of Holiday favorites and choose your favorite.

Step 3: Tap Photos, and import your desired photo or photos to the template. Adjust the photo size accordingly.

Step 4: Tap Done and Save to Library.

Step 5: Now just print or send your card!

5 Minutes

If you’re sending your card electronically, take a look at our fun animation feature that allows you to add some movement to your collage. Follow Steps 1-3 from above to get started. Once you’ve settled on the layout and photo, just follow the steps below.

Step 4: Tap Animation at the bottom menu.

Step 5: Choose the animation style that you’d like to use in your collage.

Step 6: Tap Done and share your animated collage via SMS or email.

10 Minutes

If you’ve got a bit more time and want to create something completely from scratch, there are lots of tools to add a little something extra to your card. Scroll down to learn how to use the doodle tool and add stickers.

Step 1: In the PicCollage app, tap Freestyle.

Step 2: Tap Backgrounds, and choose a holiday background as your base.

Step 3: Tap Layout, and in the Size tab, choose 1:1 for a square layout, or 2:3 for a rectangular one.

Step 4: Tap Photos, and import your desired photo to the template. (We added borders in this collage by double tapping the photo and then tapping Border.)

Step 5: Tap Doodle and add some cute drawings or a nice note.

Step 6: If desired, tap Stickers and add a few final touches to your card.

Step 7: Once you’re happy with your card’s design, tap Done and Save to Library.

Step 8: Print your card and for a more personalized touch, feel free to write a heartfelt message at the back of the card!

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