9 Things That Are Way More Fun Alone

Being single is not so bad when you think about all the fun things you get to enjoy just by yourself! In fact, in China, there is actually a holiday that celebrates the pride of being single on November 11. The number “1” resembles an individual who is alone, or some people describe it as “a bare stick”, which is also a slang for “singleness” in Chinese.

In honor of Single’s Day, we’re sharing some things that are way more fun when you do them alone:

1. Sitting by a window on a rainy day, sipping on a cup of freshly brewed coffee, reading a book, snacking on a whole slab of organic dark chocolate all while snuggling in your XL fuzzy blanket (with no one judging, of course).

2. Exploring your neighborhood and discovering a new hipster coffee shop. Of course you’d also have to buy a chocolate croissant and munch on it while people watching at the window seat.

3. Practicing the dance moves you’ll show off at the next party.

4. Taking a long fall walk around the park not having to be caught up in any conversation, and enjoy taking deep breaths while appreciating the colors of the changing leaves.

5. Staying at home and binge-watching all ten seasons of Friends with your favorite snacks just because you can.

6. Blasting music in the shower and singing like a rock star.

7. Ordering a 12-inch pizza with all your favorite toppings without sharing a piece with anyone else (I mean, why not?)

8. Visiting a museum and taking your time appreciating every piece of art.

9. Lying in bed and having a lazy morning not worrying about having to meet anyone, meet any deadlines, or rush to any meetings.

Happy Singles’ Day! 💝

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