3 Fun Ways To Use Halloween Cards

The Spooky Season is here! The PicCollage app is now full of cards and templates to get you started on creating your own creepy or cute post. If you want to spread a little Trick-or-Treat cheer, look to the list below for inspiration on your next collage!

Idea #1 – Share A Classic Costume Collage

Share a pic of you in the that sweet costume or show off what your little one is playing pretend as this Halloween! Fun frames like this one kick-it-up a notch and turn your costume snaps into a holiday momento.

Idea #2 – Show Off Your Festive Funny-Bone

Not dressing up this year? No problem! You can still enjoy the holiday and make someone else’s day with a fun joke! We have tons of templates in the “Halloween Cards” category that don’t require photos. Grab one of those templates and make it your canvas for sharing a cute joke!

Idea #3 – Pep-Up A Party Invite

Emily Post would be so proud! Bring back the classic invitation with any of the vertical templates. They make a great starting point for sharing the details of your upcoming Halloween party. Print it, email it, post it on a facebook event! However you’re getting the word out, a fancy invitation will be sure to get your guests excited. Don’t forget to embellish with extra stickers!

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