World Photography Day

World Photography Day was started in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara as a celebration of how the medium allows us to connect, learn, and see the world in a new way. The date of August 19th was chosen because its the day that, in 1839, the French government purchased the patent for Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre’s “daguerreotype” process. To celebrate the day, our team members are sharing their favorite photos, and a bit about why they mean so much to them.

“Did you know pandas sleep for 90% of the day? If you want to catch a glimpse, you have to make sure it’s at a time when they’re eating very early in the morning. I had wanted to see the pandas in Chengdu for as long a I could remember and when I finally made my way to Sichuan, the ten minutes watching the pandas chomp on bamboo and roll around made the plane, train and early morning wake-up all worth it. While my moment with the pandas lasted only as long as the their bamboo breakfast, this photo will always be my snapshot in time.” – Molly

“What started out as a casual hike turned out to be one of the most rewarding ones. My friend and I trekked nearly 13 kilometers to see this magnificent view. On top, it was peaceful and the air was cool and crisp. We sat there for a long time, not talking and just taking in this breathtaking view until the clouds turned grey and it was time for us to leave.” – Nichele

“After finishing up a difficult semester at our Chinese program in Taipei, my best friend and I opted for a beach retreat to recharge. This was taken at sunset in Kending on our first night, right before golden hour. This photo means a lot to me for many reasons but most of all because it captures the moment when were able to finally enjoy our hard earned time off.” – Nora

“I was visiting a friend in Switzerland in the summer of 2017 and one day we decided to go on a long (LONG) hike. I was definitely not properly prepared and after a few hours we were getting really tired. Then all of a sudden we came over a hill and saw this. It was the most beautiful landscape I’d ever seen and the reflection of the mountains on the still water made it even more magical. I’m so glad that I was able to capture it to remember that moment.” – Laura

“This is me and my underwater friend Maggie the Maori Wrasse. This was a very special Christmas holiday, which I got to spend in Australia. I am so lucky to be able to spend Christmas Eve at the Great Barrier Reef exploring the underwater beauty of Australia.” – Natalie

“I remember it was a rough day because I was completing my design project overnight. When I finally got home for a rest, I saw my cat lying on the bed and looked like she was enjoying her life to the fullest. I took the shot for this moment. Whenever I see the photo, I always tell myself and say, ‘live in the present moment and enjoy it.'” – JJ

“I forgot to set the alarm, but thankfully, I still made it in time to join a group kayaking trip near the Qingshui Cliff in Hualien to catch the sunrise. I had to wake up super early, watch people vomit, and row constantly, but it was all worth it!” – Kobe

“I took this photo for my photography class while standing at a sky bridge. That day, the weather was beautiful and the sky was the brightest blue I’ve ever seen. I patiently watched as people walked along the streets and motorcycles speed through the lanes. As I absentmindedly took snaps of the view in front of me, I didn’t realize that I had managed to take a photo of a cab, while bravely making a U-turn right in the middle of a double yellow line. It was the most badass and hilarious thing that I’ve seen that day, and I just knew then that I had the perfect shot to show the class.” – Ming

“This photo was taken during a weekend getaway trip to Hualien with friends. Qixingtan Beach was beautiful! The only question I had in my mind after seeing this beautiful destination was: ‘When’s the next trip?'” – Kobe

“I love spending time with animals. This photo is from the Taipei Zoo; I took it last year on my birthday. It was so funny to play with an ostrich! It seemed like it was smiling at me but in reality it probably tried to attack me 😂” – Krisztina

“During my trip to Portugal this year, I arrived at Cabo de Roca, the most western point of continental Europe, which Portuguese poet Luis de Camões described as “here, the land ends and the sea begins” during the Age of Discovery.” – Chloe

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