5 Ways to Use 4th of July Cards Creatively

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BBQ’s, beach trips, camping, and fireworks – 4th of July celebrations just lend themselves to memorable photo ops. Capturing your kids making their first s’mores and documenting fireworks all NEED to be shared! We’re firm believers that every celebration can be the right time to share a photo and some well-wishes with your friends and family.

We’ve got 5 ideas on how to use our 4th of July cards and templates to share your favorite memories from this year’s celebrations.

  1. Keep It Simple
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We have several cute cards with full color backgrounds or fun illustrations like this one. If there is just one great photo you really want to share, don’t fight it! Drop it into a cute card to add some spirit and you are good to go. This is also a helpful way to pump up the cuteness if your favorite image of the day is a little lower resolution than you would like.

2. Double Up

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If you’re in love with two images that have pretty similar content, opt for a double-stacked template like this one. Showing them side by side can help capture the range of emotions during a celebration. This format also works great for posed and candid pics of the same group.

3. Break the Mold

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Did you know that you don’t have to fill every slot in a card template? If you want to see more of the background just add less photos. When you save your card template you will see more of the background in place of the empty slots. For example, this template comes with two photos slots. We left one blank and dressed it up with a firework sticker to better feature this sweet father-son moment.

4. Cut-Out

Tap on the collage to edit.

The Cut-Out feature isn’t just for freestyle mode! If you want to give your card a collage-art style, just tap on any photo you’ve already added to pull up the editing menu. From there you can choose the scissors icon to create a cute cut-out like this one!

5. Set A Mood

Tap on the collage to edit.

Try featuring detail shots of food or decorations at a party to fill out a template with lots of photo slots like this one. When arranged alongside photos of your friends and family, they will help capture the ambiance of your party. Not to mention give a little credit to the amazing cooks and party hosts!

We hope this post has you in the spirit to document your celebrations this year. Don’t forget to tag us in your creations or tag #mypiccollage for a chance to be featured!

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