Fancy Font Pro Tip #4 Understanding Font Styles

The most fun part about looking at the designs around you, like posters, magazines, cards, is being able to understand why the designer chose the elements for that design: fonts, colors, photo, illustration…etc, and be able to explain it. Once you can explain it, you can start using apps like PicCollage to try them out with your own designs :-D.

One very important part of a design is the usage of fonts. It can sometimes make or break the emotional message that you are trying to convey. For example, if you want an image to look cool and edgy, using a font that is too cutesy could undercut your theme. You might find yourself unsatisfied with the overall effect, but unsure what your options are to change it.  Never fear – PicCollage is here!  We’ve got tons of great font options and in this article we will break them down into five main categories and show you what you can do with them. When they are shown together, it’s easier to see the differences between them and get excited about what to use them for. 

Now let’s do a font study, and see how each style looks with photos!

The general feeling of being bold is having confidence, courage, and the willingness to take risks. In imagery it can be expressed with a bold splash of color, the boldness of expression, action or emotion that brings stronger feelings to the image.  In a font, it means to make the weight of the letters thicker so that your message is clear. 

Some examples of bold fonts that you can use in PicCollage are Blackout, Lemon Milk, Impact, Bangers and Sunrise. A lot of memes like to use the font Impact becuase of its boldness and clarity.

Modern is clean and futuristic. It is often shown in geometric shapes and sleek lines coupled with cool colors, black or white to make it seem high tech rather than organic. Modern fonts often puts emphasis on consistency, geometric lines, angles and emphasis on readability. 

Some examples of modern fonts you can use in PicCollage are Denver, Helvetica, Ostritch sans, Roboto and Oswald. Namely, Helvetica was one of the first fonts to change the landscape of the print world from hand written designs to layouts using geomoetric fonts.

Elegance can be seen in anything that is graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. We often see elegant fonts used in wedding designs, fashion design, anything that needs to convey a sense of beauty, love, femininity. 

Some examples of elegant fonts in PicCollage are Playfair, Dawning New Day, England Hand, King Basil and Didot. Often times, these fonts will feature beautifully curved lines. Handwritten (Dawning new day, king basil) or script (England hand) fonts also give a romantic feel. The font type is also often a serif font. What’s a serif font? A serif font means that at the foot of the letters within the font, there are lines at the end of the letter strokes, making it look like it’s wearing a shoe. We have another post that explains this more clearly.  With this style, the details make the design.

Friendliness can be seen in a warm smile, a hearty breakfast with friends or family, a cozy corner in your room or furry and loyal animals by your side. The characteristic of a friendly font is often round making them look more approachable. 

Examples of friendly fonts in PicCollage are Museo, Typewriter, Blank Space, Montserrat and Quicksand. You should definitely use these fonts if you want to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Being edgy often means being cool, unconventional, instead of having a round and friendly personality, it is provocative with sharp corners. Examples of edgy fonts in PicCollage are Hudson, Bebas Neue, Thirsty Rough, Impact label and Summer Hearts. You can see that they show a bit more attitude no matter if is in the strong strokes (Summer hearts) or grungy texture (Thirsty Rough, Impact Lable) or cut off edges (Hudson)

Hope this guide gives you an idea on how to style your fonts with your photos to better express your message with your collages. Show us your designs by tagging #mypiccollage when sharing on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!

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