3 Easy Ways to Create Inspiring Phone Wallpapers on PicCollage

The PicCollage app is not merely limited to creating beautifully-designed collages and cards. In this article, we’re here to show you that PicCollage can be used in “Freestyle” mode, to create anything you can imagine —like custom wallpapers for your phone. Listed below are three easy ways to help you create your very own wallpaper, so that you can make your lock and home screens personalized to you!

Step 1: Open the PicCollage app.
Step 2: Tap“Freestyle”
Step 3: Tap the“Layout” icon
Step 4: In the“Size” tab, select 9:16(iOS), and Full Screen(Android)
Step 5: Choose one of the three themes below and start creating!

1). Traditional Quotes

Think of a quote that holds a special meaning in your heart. Admittedly, most of us check our phones first thing in the morning when we wake up. So why not choose a meaningful quote to be the center of your wallpaper to help you start your day right? It could be a memorable line from your favorite book, movie, or song lyrics. 

2). Motivational Phrases

Sometimes, a simple phrase can perfectly encapsulate a desire or a goal. If you are not a fan of the long classic quotes, feel free to keep it short! Stuck on what to write? Start by thinking of a concise yet meaningful reminder that can guide you in achieving your long-term goals.

3). Cheerful Visuals

Visuals are just as powerful as words. Drive the message home by choosing stickers or images that emphasize your thoughts, or those that simply evoke a general good feeling in you. 

Protip: If you find that your wallpaper is preventing you from seeing the time and date clearly, shift busier elements down and create some space on the upper one-third of the wallpaper.  You can leave the top open or include a simple image like this cloud. 

We hope that this article will help you create your most inspiring wallpaper yet!  If you’ve fallen in love with one of the examples in this article, we’ve made them available for free on our Pinterest, download here! 

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