Mother’s Day Collages With Our Favorite Stickers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we’re here with some collage inspiration for making beautiful posts for all of the Moms in your life that you want to give a call out this week. We’ll show you what can be created with one sticker pack on it’s own, as well as some ideas of how you can layer it up with other sticker packs!

Let’s start with one of our favorite Mother’s Day packs “Happy Mother’s Day”. You can download this pack in the sticker store to get started.

“Happy Mother’s Day” sticker pack in the sticker store.

We love this pack because it has tons of great messages in cute font layouts and some fun illustrations to layer around your collage. Here’s what a collage can look like with just this versatile pack and our editing features.

“Happy Mother’s Day” stickers, dressed up with hearts created using the “doodle” tool and a message added with the “text editor” tool.

This pack also looks really fun when you start layering it with other packs with bright spring colors. Here’s a few ideas for combining with a second sticker pack.

“Happy Mother’s Day” layered with flowers from the “Spring Bloom” bundle.
“Happy Mother’s Day” stickers layered with the “Scraps and Strokes” stickers.
“Happy Mother’s Day” stickers layered with the “Scraps and Strokes” sticker back and a free background from the background editor.

For a very artsy look, you can also kick things up a notch and layer with your favorite stickers from three or more packs.

“Happy Mother’s Day” really layered up with “Scraps and Strokes”, “Starter Pack”, and dressed up with our editing tools “doodle”, “cut-out” and “background”.

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