Fancy Font Pro Tip #3: Box Alignments!

Fonts can be really magical. When you have a font combination that fits the vibe of your images, it becomes a low-key focal point that gives your design personality or even look professional. But there are some times when you keep tinkering with different font combinations and you just don’t feel it. If you want to put your fonts together and have the confidence that it will look great, you have got to try this trick: box alignments.

Here’s how you do it:

1. choose a font
2. type in your quote or words one line at a time
3. size each line so that they align into the shape of an imaginary box.

Here are some examples:

Sometimes you will have to do some manual work. In the example above, I felt like the words “love” and “this” are both 4 characters, so it wouldn’t be able to show contrast between the two rows. And what we really want to do is to emphasize the word: “Love.” To make the word “This” smaller, I added 3 spaces between each character.

In the example above, we can see the same trick we used above, we added spaces in between each of the letters in the word “with” to make the word look smaller. There are other ways to make words become smaller, and that is putting two words in one row, like the “is better” above.

Today is a perfect day, for a perfect day. in this example, I felt like it might look even better if we added some decoration, so then I added a line and an embellishment below the words.

How did I find these elements? I used the web search feature and searched for: “white line png.” When you see the images, they will all look white, and you won’t be able to tell the imagery apart. What I usually do is randomly choose multiple images and wait for them to appear in the canvas to see what I’d get. In the example above, I found a white line, and also a pretty embellishment, so I added it below.

The examples that we showed above all have something in common, can you tell what it is? They all were using the same font. If you are getting the hang of using box alignments, you can also try mixing fonts within the box alignments to get a fancier effect

Excited to try out your own combinations? We’d love to see your results! Remember to use the hashtag #mypiccollage when sharing on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!

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