3 Simple Easter Cards You Can Make in 3 Minutes

Easter is coming up in just a few days, so we thought that it was the perfect time to give you a tutorial on making quick and easy Easter cards to share with family and friends. To get started, just open up PicCollage and tap on “Cards.” At the top, you’ll see a bunch of adorable Easter card templates to choose from.

1. Text Only

Are you having an Easter party and need to send invites? Choose one of the templates without a designated space for a photo and just add the text! Play around with different colors and fonts to make things exciting 🙂

2. Photo and Stickers

We have plenty of card templates that have frames for you to add photos, but sometimes you want to add a little something extra. Browse through our sticker packs, choose a few that complement your collage, and once you’ve added your favorites, you can move them around and resize them until you get them just where you want them.

3. Photo Only

It doesn’t get much easier than this one! Just choose one of the card templates with a space for a photo prominently featured. Choose your favorite picture and voilà. Easter card done!

BONUS: Make your stickers stand out

Sometimes you want to add some fun stickers to your collage, but they blend in with the background and don’t show up. Luckily, we have a solution. Follow the steps below to use the doodle tool and make your stickers stand out!

We hope you have a happy, candy-and-collage-filled Easter!

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