Fancy Font Pro Tip #2 Font Pairing

When designing a card or poster, there are so many elements you can choose to make it look fab: stickers, backgrounds, photos, and of course fonts. The fun part is thinking of the person you are creating it for and trying to do something to make them laugh or make them secretly impressed by your awesome crafty skills. One element that can make your designs go from plain to pro is good use of font pairing. If done well they can bring out even more personality to your picture and give you that extra excitement when sharing your creation.

In one of our last posts, we explained how to make use of caps and spacing to change the effect of your fonts, next we are getting into the fun part: font pairing.

The main key here is contrast, usually if you pair two fonts that are just a tiny bit different from each other it might look like a mistake, or people might not even notice that you put in the effort. In those cases, might as well just use the same font.

So then, if you want to experiment with font pairing, you should either go big or go home (haha) be bold and try to go to the extremes in matching contrasting fonts, the results might surprise you. Below are 7 ways to pair fonts so that they are delightfully contrasting, if you like any of the font combinations, you can start using them right away in PicCollage.

Inspired to try out your own font pairing? We’d love to see your work, if you make a collage and practice doing some font pairing, don’t forget to post your work on Instagram and tag #mypiccollage so we can see it!

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