The 5 Stages of Daylight Savings Time, As Told by Corgis

For many of us, Daylight Savings Time comes as a rude awakening every year. While it means that Spring is inching its way closer everyday, it also means that … we don’t even want to say it. It means that we … lose an hour of our precious sleep. “It’s just an hour,” you say. Yeah, you would think it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But we all know that’s simply not the case. Every Daylight Savings Time we inevitably feel like we’ve been hit by a truck for a solid week – at least. And so we present, the 5 Stages of Daylight Savings, as told by corgis.





I refuse to let go of that extra hour of sleep.


I HATE you Daylight Savings!


Wait. What? No. It’s not possible. It can’t be time to get up yet.

Please. Just 5 more minutes. I’ll do anything.


What does it all mean? What time is it? I don’t care. I’m never getting out of this bathrobe.


Ok fine. Daylight Savings is going to happen. And I’m going to survive. But I’m not happy about it right now.

And finally… Joy

But once you’ve acclimated to your new schedule, you realize that Daylight Savings is actually kind of great. Longer days, more light, warmer weather. You can’t be upset about that! So shed that winter coat…

Feel the breeze on your skin…

And dive into Spring!

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