How To: Create the Perfect Postcard

Travel is one of the most inspiring activities a person can participate in. New cultures, beautiful scenery, delicious foods – and lots of pictures along the way to capture the memories. One of the best ways to remember a trip is to make a collage featuring some of your favorite photos.

With PicCollage, it couldn’t be easier to create the perfect postcard. Simply choose the “Card” option on the PicCollage home screen and scroll down to the travel section. You’ll find great templates that have been designed to highlight your best pictures. Just tap “Photos” at the bottom of the screen to open your camera roll and add your faves.

Another way to create a great postcard or travel collage is to highlight a quote you love. You can use one of your own photos as the background or you can use the “Web Image” feature in PicCollage to search for an image that speaks to you. In the collage below, we used one of the travel templates and added a quote using separate text boxes with different fonts. Check out our blog posts on fonts to get some inspiration!

And if you want to add a little something extra to your collage, we have plenty of travel stickers that will do the trick! Just go to the PicCollage Store in the app and scroll through to see all the options!

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