DIY Valentine’s Day Card For Your Boo

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’ve got a whole collection of stickers, backgrounds, cards and features perfect to make your own customized collages and cards, today the theme is all about L-O-V-E.

Scroll on to learn some fast tips to make your digital cards in style. All you need are some memorable photos from your phone and PicCollage to make all your last-minute Valentine’s Day card or collage ideas come to life.

The simplest way to make a card is just add 1 sticker to your photo. There are 2 tricks to this: 1. is finding a sticker that has enough contrast with the background of the photo 2. finding the right wording and sentiment that goes with the mood of the photo. It can be quite a hunt to look for the right sticker, but when it fits the photo, it’s definitely worth it.

Sometimes there are no words, your photo says it all. If that’s the case, what you might want is just a background and some minor details to make it look elegant and professional.

For those who know exactly what they would like to make, here are some of our more popular features that are provided in the app to help you express your love entirely the way you’d like it.

This is for when you need something last minute. Don’t worry, we have 300+ beautiful, cards ready for you to choose from, and, they’re free!

We’re excited to see your Valentines’ day DIY creations, don’t forget to share them with us on Instagram #piccollage or #madewithpiccollage

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  1. Sounds Great! Just wondering if pic collage has any thing for anyone single like me. Plz let me know in an email. And also host a Valentine’s Day Contest! I always look forward to them. 😜

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