Who Needs Candy Hearts?

You may have heard the news. Sweethearts, America’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy, won’t be available this coming holiday. For the first time since 1886, the sugary conversation starters won’t hit shelves in February. (Don’t worry, there are rumors that they’ll be back in 2020.) But while we have to say “So long, Sweethearts” this year, you can still get your cute candy heart fix with our Candy Heart Messages sticker pack. Scroll down for some Valentine’s (or anti-Valentine’s) inspo!

Celebrate your four-legged loves

Create a collage for your besties

Say “No thanks!”

Make your own candy hearts

Stickers don’t say what you want? Use the blank heart in the sticker pack and then use the Text feature to say whatever your heart desires (pun very much intended).

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