9 New Fonts to Use with your Photos

Who says collaging has to be messy? One of the most elegant ways to make a collage is to just use 1 photo and add a line of text in a fabulous font. Last month we rolled out some new fonts so you can give your photos your own personal touch. 

*One special note is that we have decided to put back Mom’s Typewriter into our collection after popular demand. Yay!

Below is an example of how to use a font with a background:

  1. Fire up PicCollage
  2. Add in your fav photo
  3. Choose a font-astic font
  4. Type your words
  5. Done!
  • Pro-tip #1: Usually the easiest way to deal with font colors is to use a white color font against darker background image and a black color font against a lighter color image

Hope you enjoy trying out the new fonts. Stay tuned for our short series on how to use fonts and don’t forget to show us your work on PicCollage social or #mypiccollage

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  1. I need new more birthday stickers, for free or for sale, because I already used for my friends all the birthdays stickers. Thank yoy

    1. Hi there! When you update to the latest version of PicCollage, all of the available fonts for your device should show up!

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