7 Activities to Bring Family Closer During the Holidays

It’s almost that time of the year again when it’s time to put school and work away and prepare to meet your closest loved ones for the holidays. A few weeks ago you could already hear about people talking about booking travel dates, last week I found myself starting to shop for presents. Next week I’ll be figuring out what to wear and what food or drinks to bring to the gathering. All these different arrangements going on at the end of the year!So then you have the presents all wrapped, cards written, food prepared, outfit chosen, everything’s perfect. What else?
How about thinking of some activities that could bring everyone closer together? Besides the regular watching TV or movies and playing board games together, here are some more ideas on how to increase the quality of bonding time.

  1. Create a Giant Moodboard
  • Dig out some old magazines, photos and newspapers, markers, paint and anything you’d like and go into your creative space together, maybe by putting together the things you like into one big moodboard, you’ll get to see a glimpse of what the future holds for you. It’s also a lot of fun to share your thoughts on why you chose the items and why you put them together the way you did.
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         2. Read a Book Together

  • Who says reading is a personal thing? It’s fun to pull out a book that everyone likes and read it together. Each person can take turns reading a paragraph and sharing their thoughts about it.
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        3. Make Chocolate Fondue

  • What better desert to share together than some chocolate fondue? All you need is some chocolate, fruit and other snacks and you can have fun together experimenting with different combinations and chatting at the same time.
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        4. Go Down Memory Lane

  • Is there a scrapbooker in the house? Ask them to bring a photobook or scrapbook that they have made, better yet, make one really fast yourself with picobook, if you don’t have time to get a digital book printed, make some collages with PicCollage and everyone can scroll through your “my collages” section to watch the collages together. What better fun than to look through those old memories together.
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        5. Make a Snowman

  • If it’s snowing, then you’ve got to go out and decorate the yard with a snowman. Try to find ways to make it special, it could be insanely big, or have an extremely cute expression, or it could be a snow cat. If you don’t have any snow outside, you could follow the simple recipe to turn four ingredients (baking soda, dish soap, salt, and vinegar) into foamy faux snow. Add some real twig arms and a baby carrot nose, and you’re done!
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        6. Have a Youtube Singing Competition

  • Admit it, you must have sung to a youtube music video at least once. Why not everyone do it together? It’s much more fun doing it at home because you could turn it into a competition where you dig out grandma and grandpa’s old clothes, and give a real performance, not to mention stocking up your camera library with funny photos.
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        7. Make a Music Video

  • Instead of watching music videos, why not crate your own? there are many video apps that make this easy to do, Tictok is really fun to play with, and you can see how other people put their videos together. You can first start with discussing what the theme of the video will be, if you want to add a song, who should be in which footage, and practice on dance moves or poses, and then figuring out the transitions. At the end of it you will have something really cool to show and to remember for years to come.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on finding activities that will be fun and entertaining. But in the end, it’s not really so much about what you do, it’s about doing them together. Don’t forget to take some photos and collage them together to keep the fun rolling. Don’t forget to # us at #piccollage or #madewithpiccollage on Instagram to show us your fun moments!

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