How To: Create a Personalized Holiday Greeting Card

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this means that once again, it’s the perfect time of the year to show your appreciation for the people around you! In other words, it’s also the best time to send out thoughtful and personalized greeting cards to your loved ones. Now if you’re on a tight budget, or is simply the type of person who loves to get crafty, then read on to learn how to make your very own holiday greeting card with PicCollage!

Step 1: Choose a photo of you and/or your loved ones that sends out warm and happy vibe

The first step in adding a personal touch to your card is by looking for a meaningful photograph! You may use family photos, or if you are sending a greeting card to your best friend or partner, you can simply choose the photo that captures your special moments together.

Step 2: Think of a festive color theme, and setup a design layout on PicCollage

Before you begin, think of a color theme for your card. Red and green is a color combination that is often associated with Christmas. Other colors that are commonly used during this time of the year are gold, white, and blue (but feel free to use whichever floats your boat)! Once you’ve decided on a color theme, you may now start creating your greeting card on our PicCollage app!

A. Tap on Get Started or the + sign, and import your photo/s from the library. Tap Next. 

B. Adjust your canvas size and grid to resemble a greeting card’s. You can do this by tapping on Layout, then Size, and select 2:3. On Grid, choose a template that will leave plenty of room for you to write your message later on. Feel free to adjust the Grid size or margin to your liking as well!

C. For the inner background, choose a plain one of your color theme, to avoid clashing with the design of your outer background later on!

Protip: Easily create more space for your text by importing plain colored backgrounds to your collage, instead of adding more photos! Simply save your favorite PicCollage backgrounds to your photo library beforehand, such that later on, you can import them to your chosen template as photos. For reference, check out the photo below!

Step 3: Write a heartfelt, meaningful message

This is perhaps the most important step, so do take your time in writing. It could be long or short, but the goal is to speak from the heart, and make the receiver the focus of the message! If you are having difficulty expressing your thoughts, you may begin by thinking of a happy experience that you shared with the recipient of the card, and let him or her know how grateful you are to have someone to share that beautiful memory with! Again, it doesn’t have to be cheesy, but it has to be meaningful!

Remember: Stick to your color theme in choosing your text color.

Step 4: Decorate your greeting card with festive stickers and backgrounds that you love

A. Once you have added text, you may begin decorating your card with holiday-related stickers.

B. When you’re happy with the finished outcome, export it, and save it to your library. Now open the PicCollage app once again, and import your greeting card to a new canvas. 

C. Lay out the card on top of a more festive background that likewise, incorporates the colors of your theme choice. For us, we chose to stick with a red, white and green color palette. Feel free to add more stickers as well! When you’re happy with everything, you can now save it to your library, and it’s good to go!

And there you have it! You’re very own greeting card! You may send your card digitally, or by the old-fashioned way of printing it at home and sending it via snail mail. You can even simply hand it directly to the recipient if you wish to. Regardless of however you choose to send it, do remember that it’s the meaningful words that make all the difference! Happy Holidays, and we hope you had fun making your very own personalized greeting cards! Christmas tree

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