How To: Create a Collage using Black, White, and an Accent Color

We can’t deny that black and white has always been a classic color pairing. This is evident not just in photographs, but also sometimes in our choice of color for our clothing. We can’t help it! Black and white is a color scheme that pretty much goes well with any additional color that you throw in to the palette! And for that matter, we decided to create a collage using mainly black, white, and an accent color of our choice. Here’s how your can recreate the look: 

Step 1: Choose a photo that has light and dark areas, and decide what your accent color is going to be!For this photo, the cute little red bandana caught our eye and we’ve decided that this vibrant hue would definitely make our collage stand out! So we chose red as our accent color.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Step 2: Unleash your creativity in your collage, but keep in mind the accent color you chose.
This means that for us, we would be looking for stickers, backgrounds or even text colors that would fall in the black, white, and red color scheme. Listed below is a step-by-step breakdown of how we made our collage:

A. Select a white, off-white or cream background color.

B. Go to web search and type red grid png”, to look for a transparent pattern image (in red of course) that you can overlay on your background.

C. Head over to web search again and look for red paper” or similar variants such as light red paper” to add as a new layer image on top of your background. D. Import your chosen photo and tilt it slightly until you are happy with the placement. E. To create an illusion of a polaroid, simply search for “polaroid png” on web search, and overlay it on top of your image. F. Finish off with some of our stickers! For example, we used:

    • Washi tape (red) —Holiday Washi Sticker Pack 
    • This is me (black, white, red) —Love Yourself Sticker Pack
    • Leaf illustration (black) —Better Together Sticker Pack

Remember to choose stickers that fall under your color scheme! Protip: To make your subject really stand out, you can directly edit the photograph to instantly convert the background to grayscale! Simply tap on the photo, select “Effects”, and look for “Splash” in the menu bar. Selecting this feature immediately converts your photo to black-and-white! To bring back the color of your subject, tap on “Smart Color” and swipe it across the the area you want to lighten. The end result is a stark contrast between your subject and his/her background!

And here is the finished look! Who said black and white is boring? Well we think that it can actually elevate any of your photos into a stunning work of art; simply add in a pop of color and you’re bound to make a collage that really stands out! winking face

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