How To: Make Your Own Memes

Have you ever wanted to make your own meme? Well now, you can whip one up really fast with your phone. All you have to do is find a photo that seems to be expressing something and add a few words to interpret that expression typed out in the right font. 

Can we all agree that the version on the right is way better? Below is a step-by-step tutorial of how this meme was made.

  • Step 1: open up PicCollage
  • Step 2: add in photo
  • Step 3: add text “WAT YOU”
    • tip 1: for more exaggerating results you could break down a sentence in 2 sections, so that you can size or position the words in a more dramatic way
    • tip 2: type words in all caps
  • Step 4: use the font “Impact”
  • Step 5: press the “…” and choose “Font Outline”
  • Step 6: repeat from Step 3 for “LOOKING AT”
  • Step 7: size the words up to fit the whole image
  • Step 8: post collage!
Hope you’re having fun making memes, feel free to show us your favorite creations!

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