How To: Create a Collage Inspired by your Home

Finding design inspiration for a collage is not always as simple as it sounds. From color motif, to textures, to the overall vibe, we get confused and overwhelmed with the endless possibilities (or lack thereof). Fortunately, we’ve come up with a fun trick that you can use whenever you’re in a creative slump, and you simply need that extra boost!

Step 1: Identify a corner or a favorite spot in your house.

It could be the dresser in your bedroom, the coffee table on your living room, or a wall in your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be picture-perfect, but it is perhaps where you would feel most comfortable or happy!

Step 2: Name some of the elements or home-decor items that you love the most about your chosen spot. 

For example, we particularly love this wooden dresser, paired with white potted indoor plants. The combination is both simple and chic; with the tiny green plants bringing a touch of color in the empty walls of the room! 

Step 3: Open PicCollage and mimic the vibe of your chosen spot!

Begin by opening the PicCollage app, and importing your desired photo/video. Using web search, we then looked for a wooden background whose color and style closely resembles the dresser above. We finished it with a green plant dangling on the top right corner of the photo, and added a white cup of coffee to mimic the color of the white pots. The resulting collage is equally simple and chic as well! 

Protip: When using web search, add “png” at the end of your word (e.g. “plants png”) to look up images that have transparent backgrounds in them.

And there you have it! The resulting product is a unique collage that is inspired by your favorite place in your own house!

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