Behind The Scenes: Creating A Sticker Pack

We try to release fun new sticker packs at PicCollage as often as possible. But have you ever wondered what actually goes into creating a sticker pack? We sat down with Jessica Cecilia, a Visual Design Intern at PicCollage, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the process from start to finish.


What are the steps you go through when creating a sticker pack?

1. BRAINSTORM: For the Better Together Sticker Pack, it was near Valentine’s Day and our content curator, Victoria, asked me to create a sticker pack. At that time of the year, everyone is posting their photos and romantic captions and I was also in a long distance relationship with someone. I was inspired by it and decided to create the sticker pack based on that experience I was going through. I was pretty sure many people were in the same situation as me, and if I could create something that really spoke to them, they’d use this sticker pack to decorate their photos of loved ones.

2. RESEARCH: I do research to figure out what users will love. What stickers are most popular? What styles are users gravitating towards when they create collages?

3. DECIDE ON A STYLE AND CONTENT: I created a mind-map and categorized everything by style: sweet, elegant, hot, and cute. I settled on a sweet but passionate theme, and this is the reason why I chose the colors black and red for the sticker pack.

4. SKETCH AND DOODLE: I try to find some references from famous hand-letterers’ styles and then I sketch and draw a variety of styles to see what works best.

5. SCAN AND EDIT: I use Photoshop and move the elements to illustrator to vectorize them on Illustrator.

6. GET FEEDBACK: I get notes from our team and make revisions based on that feedback. Sometimes, this is done a couple of times.

7. PREPARE ASSETS + UPLOAD: I export them in a folder with specific names and upload them to the server.

8. WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION + CELEBRATE: Once the sticker pack has been approved, uploaded, and confirmed, I get to use and share what I’ve created!

The finished product!


I love to make things people can use and relate to. The Better Together sticker pack is my favorite design so far, but I am currently designing a greetings sticker pack and loving how it looks so far! It’s my very first shot at watercolor lettering, and I think this sticker pack is going to be useful for many Pic Collage users! This one could be my new favorite!

Thanks to Jessica for sitting down and sharing her process with us!


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