Happy Birthday (to us)!

Today is our 7th birthday! (We know, we don’t look a day over 6.) So we thought we’d take a quick look back at how far we’ve come since we launched PicCollage in 2011.

This is how PicCollage used to look. We like to think we’ve gotten better with age 🤣 Our logo has changed quite a few times, and we’ve made the design more user-friendly (and prettier!).

Back in 2013, we were one of the Top Free apps in the App Store 😮 Thank you to everyone who downloaded the app way back in the day to help us reach that milestone and remain as one of the Top 10 Photo apps consistently since we launched.

Then in 2015 we hit 100 million downloads. Not going to lie, we were pretty excited about that one.

So what happened in the past year? We moved into a new office, where we have artist-themed conference rooms and new view that we hope can helps us look further than think bigger.

We also built several new apps to explore different areas, such as Augmented Reality (Partyblox and ARText), Computer Vision and Image Segmentation (Retrocam), and 3D Greeting Cards (Pine and SHAR3D).

One of our new apps, ARText.

So what’s next? VIDEO! We are introducing the ability for users to add their own videos into collages, which we are so excited about. Stay tuned… lots of fun stuff coming up this year. 7 is a lucky number, after all 😉

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