Everything You Need To Make the Perfect Birthday Card!

Chances are you know someone with a birthday coming up. (Ours is July 13th! 😮) You could go to the store, pick out a generic card, buy stamps, drop it in the mailbox, and hope it gets there in time, but… ain’t nobody got time for that. You could send a “Happy Birthday” text, but… boring.

OR you could make a custom card, in just a few minutes using our birthday card templates and fun celebratory sticker packs. Once you’re done, you can text, email, or share on social media. If you really want to send a physical card, you can do that, too! Just print out your card and pop it in the mail. Either way, the end result will be a personalized, professional looking card that the recipient will love!

Need some help getting started? It doesn’t get much easier than adding free stickers to a great photo! This “Birthday Blast” sticker pack is one of our faves.

We’ve also got plenty of card templates. All you just need to add some photos and voilà!

We know what a big deal birthdays are, so we have plenty of sticker packs in all styles, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your card. Check them out and start creating!

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