5 Fun Father’s Day Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Penny

Father’s Day is less than a week away and although there are many blogs out there suggesting gifts for dad, some of us might be either too late to order something online or simply can’t afford it!  Here are some of our simple, priceless (and costless!) ideas for what to do for/with the dads in your life this year:

  1. Play ball with him
    Of course this should be adjusted to whatever his favorite sport is.  If he doesn’t have one, get him out of the house to a nearby park or hiking trail for a father-daughter stroll to catch up on things that you normally “don’t have time” for.  Some fathers are men of few words, but when you do allow for the time and space to open up, these will be the most memorable conversations you will have.
  2. “Build anything” day
    If your dad loves hardware and building things with his hands (or feet), offer to build something together with him with the spare wood that he probably has in the garage precisely for a day like this.  You might not complete it together in a day, but just kicking off a small project together can go a long way.
  3. Make him breakfast
    Start off his Sunday with a hearty meal filled with his favorites.  If you’ve been curbing his diet for whatever reason, let it go on this special day and allow him to go crazy with all the bacon and bread that his tummy desires!
  4. Test drive cars together
    Remember that this was a “free gifts” list.  So instead of buying a car for dad, why not be his passenger while he test drives all his dream cars?  Just as some people love window shopping, test driving your favorite cars can be just as (if not more) fun and fulfilling.  And as they say nowadays, it’s all about the experience, right?
  5. Call him
    This option is for the many of us who do not have the luxury of living near our fathers.  As we turn into a society of texters and email-writers, we forget that it is actually easier to have a real-time conversation with someone through voice.  Some may recommend a video call, but I would recommend trying to call his landline (if he has one).  Sometimes old-fashioned phones help to focus the attention on the conversation and forces us to talk rather than distract each other with what is going on around us at the moment.

And if you still want to give him something that he can see and touch, we have dozens of free templates for you to make a personalized card for him!


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