How to Create a Mother’s Day Card in One Minute

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and our guess is that many people still haven’t prepared a card for the special women in our lives yet.  If you’re not one of those people, good for you!  Mom will be proud!  For the rest of us, read on…

Here’s how to create a FREE and unique photo-personalized card for your mother (or any mother whom you would like to celebrate) in 3 simple steps & less than a minute:

Step 1: On the home page of PicCollage, go to CARDS and scroll through all our free Mother’s Day card templates.

Step 2: Select your favorite template and add photos of you and mom.

Step 3: Save, share, or print your collage to give to your mom on Sunday!

If you’re still reading this, you might be looking for MORE.  Guess what?  We HAVE more!

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can add animation to your card (or any collage), by selecting the Animation feature in the collage menu:

Surprise your mom this year by sending her a lively, animated card to brighten her special day!


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