Around the World with our Cutout Feature!

Summer break is around the corner! So, why not start thinking of your holidays? Where is your next destination? Should you go for Paris, Las Vegas or Rome? If you’re finding it hard to picture yourself in one of these destinations or can’t pick one from so many options, we bring a little help: our cutout tool. All it takes is one picture of you, our magic scissors, your favorite destination and we are ready to take off!

For this tutorial, we will get a bit of help from Mr. Sloth as our model. We are pretty sure he won’t mind us sending him to travel around the world.

  1. Select your most charming picture and add it to a collage.sloth1
  2. Double tap and select Cutout.slothmenu
  3. Trace with your finger around the area you want to cut out. slothcut
  4. Let the fun begin. 
  5. … and you can always go further.slothparis

The Cutout feature has many other uses too, here are two other examples:


Now it’s your turn! Where will you travel with Pic Collage? What other uses could we give to our magic scissors?
PS: Don’t forget to share with us all your creations through PicCollage community and HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO EVERYONE!


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