8 Last-Minute Cards for Mother’s Day: Made With Love, Photos, Stickers, and They’re Easy to Make!

Mother’s day is just around the corner, you know what that means? It’s time to start finding ways to give the moms in your life the most heartfelt appreciation to celebrate her day. There are many ways to show your love: a day at the spa, that silk scarf you know she has been eyeing forever or even a telephone call to brighten up her day. Whether you have that ready and prepared or not, there will always be that one finishing touch needed that will make your gift complete: A card made by you, recreating the special memories you have collected. Don’t worry, for all you busy bees it can be fast and easy. All you need are photos, stickers, some finger exercises, and it will be complete. This will help you put a smile on her face, right away!

  1. My Wondermom

mdblog1 copy

2. Mom’s Day Off


3. To My Dearest Mom


4. We’re Pregnant


5. Amazing Mom


6. Mother’s Strength & Beauty


7. Sweet Mother’s Day


8. I Love Mom


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