Spring Forward with These Adorable Stickers

Spring is in the air, and for those of us in the U.S., don’t forget to “spring forward” your clocks today!  On the day that we lose one hour to nothingness, let us remember to savor the little moments.  Sunday morning breakfasts without having to rush out the door, watering the plants and seeing a new one sprout, and one of my favorites – bath time.

We just rolled out a fresh new sticker pack this season, Spring Babies.  A perfect companion to some of the Baby templates that we have in our CARDS section.

Step 1: Select CARDS from the home page of PicCollage

Step 2: Add STICKERS from the collage editor and search for “Spring Babies”



Step 3: Add a photo (or two) of your choice

Step 4 (optional): Use our DOODLE feature to add a bit of personality


Step 5: Save and/or share and wait for the cooing comments and likes to flow in!

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