From PicCollage, with love.

What does love look like? The answer is infinite. It doesn’t have a shape and you can’t put it in a box. It is impalpable. But love is also like water. It’s diaphanous yet all-powerful. It consumes you the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.

Due to this intangible nature of love, we don’t just define it as a romantic relationship. Love is the interaction between two individuals that are connected emotionally and bound by shared memories and experiences. Love is the unbreakable bond between a mother and a child. Love is the commitment made by two earnest souls. Love is the laughter you share with your best friend. Love is everywhere. Love is in everything.

Over the years, we are deeply inspired by our users’ life stories. And most of them are about showing affection and joyful moments with their loved ones. Parents that collage cherished moments to stay connected with their children serving in the military. Lovers visualizing the memories they created together. Friends sharing the unforgettable moments of their friendship. So on this Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love in its entirety.

vday collage 1.png
vday collage 2.png
vday collage 3.png
vday collage 4.png

The relationship we have with you, PicCollage users, is the one thing we want to celebrate on this special day. You inspire us with your collages. And your support nourish us. We thank you and aspire to help you make every moment count. So consider this a love letter from PicCollage to you, with lots of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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