Will You Be My Valentine?

Only 3 more days until Valentine’s Day and all of my friends have already made reservations to fancy dinner dates and planned romantic trips. What’re my plans this Valentine’s Day? Not sure yet, but I refuse to spend it alone, watching chick-flicks and stuff myself up with carbs. This year, I’m going to find myself a Galentine!

I consider myself a hopeless romantic, so I’ve decided to ask one of my girlies to be my Galentine in the most fab way possible (without having to move out of my chair).

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I opened PicCollage, just because it’s conveniently right in front of me
  2. I click into Cards, since my design skills are non-existent
  3. Selected the cutest template ever!
  4.  Added a photo of me and my girlie
  5. Bought a sticker pack to show that I put in some effort, haha 😉
  6. Used Doodle to replace “Val” in Valentine to “Gal”
    I finished this card in less than 5 minutes, now it’s time to send it over and make my Galentine’s Day plans!Here’s a video to show you more things you can do for Valentine’s Day with PicCollage:

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