Collage Your Ideas for Body Art

Body art is a way to express yourself creatively. Much like your wardrobe choice, it is a statement. Whether it’s a bold and fun pattern painted on your skin, an intricate floral design made with henna unfurling in your palms, or a tattoo that’s a religious totem or a memento of a special moment in life, body art is a biographical form of art that tells people who you are.

Before either temporarily or permanently getting body art on your skin, you want to make sure the art matches your personal aesthetics. Because your body art should cater to YOUR emotional journey, not the onlookers’. During the time I was working as a tattoo artist, I was asked one specific question frequently: will this (tattoo design) look good on me? Oftentimes, the apprehension comes from not knowing yourself enough or not being able to visualize how the design will go with your personal style. And the app PicCollage helps you do just that. 
PicCollage is a collage-making and photo-editing app that’s helped millions of users around the world visualize their sentiments, memories and moments in life. It is also a great tool for you to see how different fashion items go together and how the body art with which you want to express yourself match your style sense. 
Here’s how you use PicCollage to achieve that:
Search images of designs you’re interested in and take photos of the items that best represent your personality. Use the Cutout feature to crop images and curate the collage canvas. Seeing a body art design next to some of your personal items gives you a better sense of aesthetic coherence. 
The app’s Cutout feature include automatic background removal so your body art aesthetic collage looks neat and closer to reality.
You can also take photos of the body parts where you want to apply body art, and crop the images you find online and see how it looks on your forearm, calf or torso. 
unnamed-1.jpg     unnamed.jpg
Getting a quote from you favorite artist or family member, or a simple text that encourages, inspires and motivates you painted or tattooed on your body is all the rage these days. Use PicCollage’s Text feature to see how different fonts looks on you. Type down the text and choose a font or color and you can simulate a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent piece of body art. 
unnamed-10.jpg     unnamed-9.jpg

Get creative with the app. Collage your ideas before applying body paint or momentary ink for Coachella. Create a style board of a collage for special occasions. And put together a collage of your personal aesthetics before getting a tattoo. Let the app help express yourself more creatively with body art.

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