Creating New Year Vision Boards

It’s official, 2017 is in the books!  We’re excited to start 2018 off on the right foot and one way that we love to do that is by creating a vision board for what we want for the coming year. We’re not huge fans of traditional resolutions – we all know that no one keeps those anyway. But a vision board is something we can get behind. Thinking about your goals frequently is an important part of achieving them, so having a visual representation that you love to look at can help keep you focused. Here’s how to create a vision board of your own with PicCollage:

1. Set your goals! Get clear on what you want to achieve in 2018.

2. Choose images  that resonate with you. Use the Web Search tool for inspiration or upload images you already have.

3. Add them to your PicCollage and choose a background you love.


4. Once you’ve added your photos, you can use the cutting tool, photo effects, borders, or grids to edit and arrange your photos just the way you want.

5. Add words that will help you focus on these goals.

6. Display your vision board. You can use the Print At Home option to print your vision board and put it up somewhere you’ll see it often. You can also set it as your phone background so you’ll always have it close by.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2018!

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