Jazz up Christmas day with PicCollage!

It’s the first day of Winter, which means Christmas is right around the corner!
The Christmas decorations are up, the holiday lights are shining, stockings are hung from the fireplace mantel, and our festive sticker packs and background packs are live!

We’ve released 30 holiday sticker packs and 12 background packs for you to liven up your family Christmas photos and holiday greeting cards. Get ready to bask yourself in the holiday spirits with PicCollage!

Here’s how you make your holiday memories more fun and unforgettable:


Create a collage with a Background Pack:
Check out the Background Store
2. Select your background pack
3. Set your background pattern
4. Add your photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Create a collage with a Sticker Pack:
1. Select the sticker pack you’d like to use
2. Add your photo
3. Re-arrange the stickers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure to post your Christmas & holiday collages to the PicCollage community and other social media platforms to share those lovely moments with your loved ones.

Wishing all PicCollagers a joyous holiday filled with love and warmth!



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