Create a Holiday Collage (Guest post: Leila101)

Looking to create a holiday collage but don’t know where to start? We’ve asked one of our power users, Leila101 to share with you how she created her wonderful collages! Check it out ->


Step 1 Background!:
To do this, you will need to set your background to white. Then, select 9-11 photos from your gallery/library or from the web! Photos of your favorite memories this year would be perfect for this!


Step 1a Arrangement!:
After you have finished selecting your photos, choose one of the photo grids to arrange your photos. Use the bar above the grids to adjust how much of the background is visible. For this tutorial, I’m going to leave about 2mm.

Step 2 Quote or Message!:
Save the background you just made and start a new freestyle collage. On a solid color background, tap the + button. Then tap text. You can add anything you want it to say in any font or color you like! Just be sure not to make it too long! When you’re done tap done and save to gallery/library!


Step 3 Add the Quote to Your Background!:
Go back to the background collage you made earlier. You can find it in the “My Collages” section of the Pic Collage app. To add your quote or message to your background collage tap the + button. From there tap “photo” and select the background collage from the Pic Collage folder.

Step 3a Clip Out Your Quote!:
Double tap your quote/message and tap “clip”. Draw an outline around your quote/message, as shown! You can place it anywhere you like!


Step 4 Dots!:
Tap the + button then tap “doodle”. You can now add little dots by simply tapping! For this card, I just added dots in the corners of the card. You can make the dots different sizes by adjusting the bar above the color options.

Step 5 Stickers!:
You can choose from hundreds of cool and unique designs by tapping the + button again, but this time tap “stickers”. If you don’t want to add stickers you can just skip this step!

Collage 2017-12-19 14_20_28

Step 6 Share It!:
Send your amazing design to your friends and family to let them know that they are special and to wish them happy holidays!


If you would like to add a color filter to your card, after you have saved it to gallery, re-add it in a new freestyle collage. Double tap it and select “effects”. From here, you can access lots of cool features! Including flip effects, frames, quality editors, and plenty of filters to choose from!


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